On-Line Teaching or On-Campus Lectures


Enhancing the Learning Experience

Dr. DiSogra offers two unique options for your students to enhance their learning experience:

1. Teaching a Distance Learning/On-line class in Pharmacology and Ototoxic Drug Monitoring


2.  A full day, on-campus lecture program for all AuD students 

On-Line Teaching Background:

Dr. DiSogra developed and taught the Pharmacology/Ototoxicity distance learning course at Salus University in Elkins Park, PA for five years. 

The Pharmacology/Ototoxic Drug Monitoring on-line class has also been taught at the University of South Alabama (2017)

On-Campus Teaching Background

This option brings Dr. DiSogra to your campus to provide a unique perspective on pharmacology-related topics of interest to doctoral students. Dr. DiSogra brings 40 years of clinical experience to the classroom. 

These Power Point programs have been presented at state, national and international audiology meetings (see Previous Lectures tab under MORE) which, as you know, cannot always be attended by the doctoral students. Therefore, I have made these programs available to your AuD program as an adjunct to the current curriculum. Abstracts and Learner Objectives appear in the CEU Lecture Topics section.  

NOTE: The Pharmacology/Ototoxicity on-line course was modified and given at St. John's University in NY (on-campus; ten hours over two days - one credit).

Full Day Lecture Program Option

Six to seven hours of lecture and case studies on the following topics:

1. Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus (3 hours)   

2. Drug Side Effects on Audiological and Vestibular Testing (1½ hours)   

3. Audiological Monitoring for Ototoxicity (1½ hours)   

4. Grand Rounds: Ototoxicity Case Report (½ hour)  

Other Topics of Interest to Students

Ear Canal Pathologies and Management (1½ hours) 

Adverse Drug and Herbal Medicine Reaction and Patient Management (1½ hours)

Audiologist's Guide to Internet Websites for Drug Information (1½ hours)     

NOTE: topics can be interchanged depending on the needs of the students  


On-line/Distance Learning Course Instructor: Per the University's current on-line Instructor's rate

On-Campus Lecture Program: Full Day program $1,500.00

Additional lectures are US$325.00 for each 90 minute program.

Fee does not include travel expenses - see "College/University's Responsibilities" below.


For the on-campus lectures, you may wish to consider obtaining a Speaker Sponsor. Simply contact one or more of your regional audiology vendor representatives (hearing aid manufacturer, equipment distributor etc.) and request that they help defray your costs by having them co-sponsor Dr. DiSogra’s on-campus lectures.


Share the Program

Another option to reduce your costs is to offer these programs to the local audiology community (for a nominal fee) to defray the costs.

If your program is ASHA - AAA - IHS approved for CEUs then this, too, can be attractive to the audiologists in the community.  Dr. DiSogra will provide the necessary information for CEU approval.

Requirements for Sponsors

Room Set-Up 

Usual classroom style with tables/desks   

Audio/Visual Needs 

- All programs are presented in Microsoft PowerPoint 

- Podium with microphone – depending on room size

- Wireless microphone – depending on room size 

- Laptop computer* connected to PowerPoint projector from the podium 

- 6’ x 6’ screen (larger preferred) appropriate for size of room  

- Wireless remote slide advance laser pointer**    

*    presenter can bring own laptop - programs will be on a pendrive  

** presenter can bring own laser pointer  


- All handouts will be made available no later than one month prior to the   program for students to download onto their personal computer (or other   device). Sponsor has Presenter's permission to upload handouts.   

Presenter's Responsibilities (national and international)

- Provide lectures as described 

- Provide any and all Conflict of Interest/Disclosure Agreements  

- Bring own laptop computer/laser pointer (if requested)  

- Provide receipts for all expenses within two weeks after the program.

United States College/University Responsibilities 

- Provide all technical requirements as described above 

- Provide one hotel room for two nights (the night before and after the   presentation date) 

- Schedule the lectures for maximum attendance 

- Reimburse Presenter for all travel and meal expenses within 30 days of the   completed program conference.  

International University or Professional Association Responsibilities 

- Provide all technical requirements as described above 

- Provide one hotel room for two nights 

- Schedule the lectures for maximum attendance 

- Reimburse Presenter in US dollars for all travel and meal expenses within 30   days of the completed program     

VIDEO and/or AUDIO recordings of the lectures are strictly prohibited



Pharmacology and Ototoxicity Monitoring, Dept. of Speech Pathology and Audiology,

     University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL (on-line); 2017

Pharmacology and Ototoxicity, Dept. of Speech and Hearing, St. John's University, Jamaica, NY; 2008 - 2012

Pharmacology and Ototoxicity, School of Audiology, Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Elkins Park, PA; on-line (planned and developed); 2000 - 2005

Adjunct Lecturer 

Pharmacology/Ototoxicity/Adverse Drug Reactions/Tinnitus, Osborne College of Audiology at

     Salus University, Elkins Park, PA; 2012 -2016


The following courses were taught at Rutgers University/Douglass College (1988 – 1993):

Central Auditory Processes 

Anatomy and Physiology 

The following courses were taught at Kean University, Union, NJ (1988 – 1994):

Assessment and Management of Auditory Processing Dysfunctions

Advanced Clinical Audiology II

Community and Industrial Audiology

Pediatric Audiology

Aural Rehabilitation


Aural Rehabilitation - Kean University (Spring, 2018)

Basic Audiology - Kean University (Fall 2018)

The following courses were taught at Rutgers University/Douglass College (1988 – 1993):

Introduction to Audiology

Physical Science of Speech and Hearing (Anatomy and Physiology) 

               Thank you for your interest in my university lecture program!