Cerumen Management


A Full Day (8 Hour) Workshop on Cerumen Management

A full day workshop is being developed at this time. 

It will be designed for both didactic and hands-on learning.

Watch this space for announcements

As the planning progresses, updates will be posted.

Course Sections - preliminary listing

1.   Anatomy and physiology of the human ear canal

2.   Cerumen and its role in body health

3.   Otoscopes - handheld and video units

4.   Otoscopy - procedures for pediatric and adult patients

5.   Ear canal pathologies and management

6.   Equipment for cerumen management

7.   Cerumen Removal  I - cerumenolytics and irrigation techniques

8.   Cerumen Removal II - manual removal - equipment and techniques

9.   Cerumen Removal III - suction - equipment and technique

10. Infection control

11. Management of ear canal lacerations

12. Home management suggestions

13. Billing, coding and reimbursement

14. Hands-on training (see next section)

Practicum and Equipment

All three techniques (see above #'s 7, 8 and 9) will be demonstrated and students will have an opportunity to perform these  techniques.

As part of the hands-on learning experience, equipment will be shipped to the test site for use during the practicum portion of the course.

All students must provide their own otoscopes, alcohol pads and specula.

Suction devices, illumination and head lamps will be provided (See Costs).


Sponsor will cover 

1. Presenter fee

2. Travel, hotel (2 nights) and meals for presenter

3. Equipment shipping costs (to and from point of origin)

4. Duplication costs of any materials


1. Internet access is required for the didactic portion of the program 

2. A second presenter may be utilized (additional speaker fee)

3. Practicum should have six 6' - 8' long rectangular tables with 12 chairs

4. Enough electrical outlets and extension cords to accommodate 

    the electrical equipment

5. A Certificate of Completion will be presented to each attendee 

    (can be used for any state licensure requirement) 

6. Sponsor will obtain CEU approval from AAA and ASHA 

    (speaker will provide all the necessary documentation)

Contact Dr. DiSogra for any additional information